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About My Concierge Practice

My goal as a primary care physician is to treat the patient as a whole – body and soul. Not only do patients need the proper treatment as provided by modern science, but they need someone who cares and who can deliver the message in a way that they can understand and accept. I realize that not all patients will view each diagnosis or treatment the same way, and the approach to each different condition needs to be customized to the fit the needs of the individual.

The puzzle solving involved in caring for both the healthy and unhealthy human body is quite interesting and challenging. But the most rewarding part of my day involves developing long term relationships and trust with patients and their families. Patients put their lives in my hands and that is a responsibility I take very seriously. This bond between doctor and patient should not be taken lightly. 

~ David Vigder, MD

What is Concierge Medicine?
The Way Medicine Used to Be… But Better

In a concierge medicine practice, also known as a membership medicine practice, doctors make a commitment to limit the number of patients they see to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient, and to provide an enhanced level of care to help patients achieve optimal wellness.

Extended, unrushed visits enable physicians to spend meaningful time with patients, build strong relationships, and work collaboratively to provide more comprehensive, proactive care than in traditional practices. To make this possible, the patient pays an annual fee.

Some of the Benefits You Will Receive

Little to no waiting

Longer, unhurried appointments

24/7 direct communications


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